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3 benefits of Tree Pruning

From shade to aesthetics, trees provide multiple benefits to homes and businesses. Even the strongest species require regular maintenance. One of the most important yearly steps you can take is tree pruning. Whether you want to protect your structure or boost its curb appeal, here is a closer look at the top three benefits of this professional tree service.

3 Benefits of Tree Pruning

1. Safety

Damaged and dead branches are incredibly dangerous for both pedestrians and structures, especially when severe weather occurs. Part of the pruning process includes targeting these risks to increase the safety of surrounding people and property. The removal of weakened limbs also ensures the healthy sections of a tree aren't competing for nutrients. As a result, pruning encourages new growth for a strong, healthy plant.

2. Disease Prevention & Treatment

All plants are susceptible to diseases. Issues like bacterial and fungal infections are particularly dangerous to trees, often causing significant damage. However, pruning away the infected areas helps prevent the disease from spreading through the rest of the limbs and trunk. In many cases, the process allows property owners to save otherwise thriving plants and avoid tree removal down the road.

3. Aesthetic Appeal

Even the healthiest of trees have the potential to inhibit a home or business' curb appeal. Overgrown plants lack a defined shape, creating visual chaos for passersby. Thankfully, tree pruning thins out overgrowth, balances sections, and smoothes out edges for an aesthetically-pleasing finish. Additionally, sections can be manicured specifically with the surrounding landscape in mind, ensuring enjoyable views from the front and back yards or balconies.

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